Welcome to the new PG website!

We’re super excited to unveil our new website, which moves us forward a generation in web programming, shows up well on mobile devices, and most importantly, makes it easier than ever for members to keep up to date with PG and communicate with our team.

Let’s take a quick tour of three useful parts of the site we think you’ll love.  

First item: Featured events and information for each PG gym

Click on your local gym’s page. You can find gym names in the light blue menu on the homepage.

Just below a photo slider on your gym’s page, you’ll find a section of boxes with current goings-on at YOUR local PG gym.

If you bookmark one spot on our site, bookmark this page. This is where we’ll tell you about the newest goings-on at your gym, and important updates such as holiday hours and upcoming events you won’t want to miss!  We’ll update these with any news, so keep an eye on this page.


Second item: Have visiting friends fill out a waiver and watch our Orientation Video in advance

It’s great to bring friends to PG, which you can do on a Member Guest Night, with the guest passes attached to your account, or if they take a Belay Lesson with you present.

So why not save some time by having them fill out the Waiver and watch the Bouldering Orientation Video before they even arrive?

It’s all online, as you can see below!


Third item: Membership Forms to submit changes and information online

You know what’s not cool?  Needing to pick up the phone, make a call, and in some cases leave a voicemail so people can get back to you later.

What is cool:  doing important Planet Granite membership business with the click of a mouse or swipe of a fingertip.

Our Membership Department is as excited as you’ll be about this: You can now now submit Student and Family Proof, Freeze Memberships and more online.

  • Get there from the front page by hovering over the “General Info” tab, then “Membership,” and then select “Membership Changes.”
  • Use the tabs on that page on the lefthand side to do whatever type of request you need.