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Meet PG Sunnyvale Member, Tony!   Back in January, his company started a weight loss competition.  Not to be outdone and knowing he could use to lose some pounds, Tony took this challenge to heart.  He won by over 19 lbs, losing 33 lbs in just 3 months!   How’d he do it? By taking Zeus’ Abs n Core class and Total Body Fitness class at PG Sunnyvale (ok and maybe some running and healthy eating added to it…. ;P)  Currently, Tony works out at PG between 5-8 times per week, coming for his lunch break and returning in the evening for fitness or climbing work outs.  After 8 months, he’s down 55 lbs and couldn’t be happier.  Check out what Tony had to say about his amazing achievement, and what keeps him motivated.

I attached three pics of my work out progress. I started my fitness journey on January 16th when my work started a weight loss competition, I was overweight and needed to make a change and the contest lit a fire in me to change my ways. It went three months and during that time I lost 33 lbs eating healthy and exercising; I won the contest by 19 lbs!  🙂 The last picture was taken August 29th, and I am now down 55 lbs. All of that was done by changing my diet and attending Zeus’ classes at PG Sunnyvale every week, in addition to running.

120927 - Tony55.2 120927 - Tony55

I first started with Zeus’ Abs & Core class, and loved it.   Then after about a month of two of that class combined with running, I started taking the Total Body Fitness class on Tuesdays.  I slowly worked my way up to running about 10 miles per week and taking the two classes.  Eventually, I started doing the exercises he taught me from the TBF class and the Abs and Core class on Fridays on my own.  His classes + running + changed diet = fast results that I could not be more happy about!!! In the beginning of August, I changed up my routine and now I am lifting weights  to build some muscle. I appreciate everything Zeus has taught me in the classes.

121115 - Tony color run
Tony during the recent Color Run in San Jose

And what kept Tony motivated? The changes I started seeing in myself. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your results and that is what kept me going. I was determined to win the money at my work and beat out the other 14 people competing in the weight loss competition. That is probably what motivated me at first, but it was the results I started and continue to see that keep me going 🙂

Thanks Tony!  Your story is such an amazing inspiration!!  If you or a friend have an inspiring story you’d like to share, please send it to Stephanie!  If your story is published, we’ll give you a PG Tshirt!