AUGUST 2012 SPECIAL: PG Belmont is offering FREE FIRST TIME TRIALS for anyone interested and new to TRX. Come visit our location and find out how to get your free TRX class! This is a great, all-body workout that will compliment your climbing cross training well! These specialized, small group training sessions with certified personal trainers will build strength, forearm stamina, core, and overall body fitness. You will be challenged in a fun environment and leave feeling strong! We look forward to having you in our classes!  Contact Lauren for details:

TRX at Planet Granite Belmont

What is TRX?

TRX at Planet Granite Belmont is a small group personal training session  that uses your body weight to build resistance against your muscles. We max our TRX sessions at 8 participants ensuring participants get individualized attention by our instructors.
TRX provides a workout that combines:
-strength training
-cardio training
-posture correction
-and core training

TRX works the body as one unit which means every muscle group is used to complete one movement as compared to traditional weight training that only works on muscle group at a time.  Due to the body always trying to find a the path of least resistance you can never physically plateau with TRX.

First Time Taking TRX?
Join Lauren at 6:30pm every first Wednesday of the month for TRX Fundamentals.
This course will go over the basics of TRX so you can receive the most effective TRX workout.
TRX Fundamentals is mandatory before joining a normally scheduled TRX session

If the first Wednesday of the month doesn’t work: contact Lauren directly to schedule a private TRX Fundamentals session:

TRX sessions are held every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm-7:30pm
$15 per a session or $50 5 pack available
*TRX payments can be made via Cash or Check only and paid directly to the instructor on day of class. No pre-signups through the front desk.