Poem By PG San Francisco Yoga Instructor Charles S Jasper

Tuolumne Meadows Sunset

Budd Creek at full flow, with the Tuolumne River rampaging behind, Fairview Dome on the left. PHOTO: By Steve Dunleavy from Lake Tahoe, NV.

I don’t know where or how to start
A sacred bow of appreciation. Maybe
For these woods varied and quiet
An essential stillness and a cold night
Arriving sudden as a bear standing;

For the coyote clutch of young rangers
Who cheerlead the campers, read noteworthy poems,
And bravely their own
As a flute answers from the darkness,
modest campfire on a Saturday night;

For Mom, who lies now in a home for the forgetful
Who has forgotten how to die to
This largely useless body
Who fears learning again;

For myself for persisting
For dreaming, for caring
About a heat struck cyclist earlier today
Enough to lift him in my car and on my rack
Out of unrelenting valley summer
Into the fragrant safety of Yosemite
As others once did for me.

I pause in appreciation tonight
In the cathedral of John Muir
Soft and humble like the granite
Whose glacial scars remember
The pioneer climbers
And their ecstatic children
Who in night and in light fill the mountains
With song and ascents without end.

CharlesABOUT THE AUTHOR: Charles S. Jasper is a long-time student of yoga and meditation, and began teaching Hatha yoga in the flow form 8 years ago. He draws extensively upon 21 years experience as a chiropractor. He is currently in private practice as a clinical psychologist, consulting with individuals, couples, and groups in mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy. He expresses a love and respect for teaching, and the relationships that grow out of spiritual practice. 

His classes flow from an integration of effort and ease, rooted in mindfulness. 

Join Charles in the Foundations of Flow class at PG San Francisco on Mondays at 7:30pm.