Between February 1st and 15th, Planet Granite committed to matching up to $10,000 of the funds raised for the Unlock Jailhouse Fund. On February 9th, Planet Granite Sunnyvale hosted a huge fundraising auction, complete with a slideshow by renowned Bay Area climber and photographer Jim Thornburg, and a video presentation by Yosemite legend, Ron Kauk.

The first two days of the matching period saw just under $2,000 donated to the Access Fund for Jailhouse! However, on February 9th, when Planet Granite hosted the slideshow and auction fundraiser at its Sunnyvale location, we still needed to raise almost $8,000 to utilize the full $10,000 company match.


The air was filled with excitement as people from all over the Bay and beyond spilled into PG Sunnyvale. I was especially impressed by the turnout of all climbers – whether sport, trad or bouldering is their passion. Indeed, it doesn’t matter what style of climbing we choose; it’s all the same in the end.


Tom Addison, the fearless leader and spokesperson for the Unlock Jailhouse Fund, showed up with seemingly endless boxes of gear that had been generously donated by sponsors. Their contents ranged from chalkbags that would ultimately auction off at higher than retail value; to guide and housing packages given by well-known Bay Area climbers worth hundreds of dollars; to a lifetime supply of guidebooks from Wolverine Publishing and tons of gear, clothing and shoes.


It truly was a night to remember, one in which the climbing community and organizations came together to support and save a crag. Many thanks to Ron Kauk and Jim Thornburg for bringing visions of inspiration from their personal work – also providing a needed break from the active hands springing into the air to wage bidding wars on their friends.

Auction Table

As bids rose higher, screams of “C’mon guys, it’s Jailhouse” spattered the air. Pockets ran deep and everyone chipped in. In the end, after just two hours of auctioning items, the climbing community raised $7,951 – exceeding every expectation for a night’s work.


In just 15 days, the climbing community together raised $13,216. With Planet Granite’s match of $10,000, we are able to donate over $23,000 to the Access Fund for Jailhouse.

Final fundraising numbers will be announced by the Access Fund next week. We had 12 months to raise $40,000 and in just 3 short months, we reached and likely exceeded our goal. I have never felt so honored to be a part of this community. Thank you.

Stephanie happily calls herself a weekend warrior, driving the 2.5 hours to climb at Jailhouse to meet up with friends and get pulverized on her project.

… … … …

PG Gives Back

Some of you may wonder how Planet Granite decided and was able to donate $10,000 to the Unlock Jailhouse Fund. Last year, Planet Granite launched PG Gives Back: a program to support people and organizations committed to increasing awareness and sustaining growth in three areas, Climbing, Community and the Environment. There are two parts to PG Gives Back: $1 per Member per Month and PG Grants.

$1 per Member per Month ($1/Member/Month) is Planet Granite’s pledge to donate $1 on behalf of each member every month to these three areas: Climbing, Community and the Environment. Planet Granite members can specify one of these three categories and Planet Granite will donate $1 on their behalf every month. Recipients within these categories will be chosen by Planet Granite. PG Gives Back was launched late last year, and gave to the following organizations in 2010:

Climbing – $10K as a company match to the Access Fund’s “Unlock Jailhouse” campaign and $5K to the ASCA (American Safe Climbing Association)
Community – $10K to Environmental Traveling Companions
Environment – $1,500 to Carbon Tree Conservation Fund (which makes PG carbon neutral in 2010)

PG Grants: Three grants totaling up to $15,000 will be awarded annually to people pursuing cool adventures in three areas: Climbing, Community or the Environment (or all three). These grants are for the person(s) who envisions a great trip that will have a big impact, but needs some financial help to put it together. Special attention will be given to projects that benefit the environment and/or community.

Please visit Planet Granite’s website for more info: