Upcoming Rate Changes

Effective October 1st, membership dues and day pass rates will be adjusted. While we’d prefer to not have to raise rates, it is necessary to do so to keep up with ever rising costs. We work hard to put your dues right back into the gym and are continually making improvements to bring you the high level of offerings you’ve come to expect from Planet Granite.

In April of this year, we substantially increased (by 11%!) our hiring and pay rates for all our hourly employees including route setters, front desk staff, event staff, and coaches. As you know, Portland is becoming a more expensive place to live, and this increase allows us to attract and retain great staff members. This, in turn, leads to less turnover and better staff engagement – 2 things that can further improve your experience in the gym. In addition to staff wages, health care, insurance, and janitorial services (to name a few) have also increased.

We understand that these increases can be challenging. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm.

PG Membership

New rates effective October 1, 2017:

Portland Rates | Additional Changes

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Membership Current Dues Effective
EFT Discounted
Rate (10/1/17)
Day Pass Type Day Rates (10/1/17) Yearly Type Yearly Rates (10/1/17)
Individual $77 $83 $80 Day Pass $21 Individual $880
Secondary* $43 $57 $55 Morning Pass $17 Secondary $605
Student $62 $68 $65 Student Pass $17 Student $715
Add’l Child** $15 $19 $18 Kids Pass $15 Add’l Child** $198
10 Pack $189
*Secondary is the second person, 14 years of age or older, on an individual membership (previously known as Family of 2).

**Additional Child is the rate for:

  1. Kids under 14 added to an Individual membership
  2. Kids 0-17 added as the 3rd, 4th, etc. member to a family account that already has an Individual and Secondary paying member


  • Credit Cards now accepted for monthly billing!  Starting October 1st, we will be accepting credit cards for monthly billing. If you’d like to change to credit card billing, please complete the form here: www.planetgranite.com/membership-requests Dues paid via bank transactions (EFT) will pay the discounted rate noted above. Current members with bank account billing on file will automatically be billed at the EFT discounted rate.
  • Freezes will be $6 per member per month effective 10/1/17.  This applies to currently frozen accounts! For Individual and student member, this means your freeze fee decreases from $10 per month to $6 per month.  For family accounts, the freeze fee will now be charged per person and will not be waived when some on the account remain active. Please note:  Families still retain the option of removing a member from the account and re-adding them at a later date.
  • Family Memberships: Please note that we are changing how we name family memberships. Instead of “family of two”, we refer to it as an individual membership with a secondary person added. Please note that all previous parameters to the family of 2 membership still apply.