Welcome Vertex Members

Through Oct. 29th (unless Vertex reopens earlier), Planet Granite San Francisco is welcoming Vertex members into our gym.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome you and your climbing team into our community. Our hope is that we can help provide a little bit of normalcy during this terrible time. With this, please read through this page – we want to ensure that your visit is as smooth and seamless as possible!

Vertex Members Bring the Following Items:

Each time you visit Planet Granite, Vertex Members should be sure to bring:

  1. Monthly billing statement from your Vertex membership
  2. Photo ID
  3. Vertex Barcodes

First Time at Planet Granite

If this is your first time to Planet Granite or if it has been awhile, there are a few steps that you can do before you come in to speed up your check in.

  1. Fill out a waiver. When you come into the gym, be sure to bring your government issued photo ID as well.
  2. Watch the Bouldering Orientation Video. Both boulders and rope climbers will need to watch this.
  3. Planning on Top Roping? Get your Planet Granite Belay Card when you come in. If you already know how to belay, stop by anytime and let our front desk staff know that you would like to get our belay check for a belay card. The check is pretty quick and is to make sure you understand the principles of belaying. Each of our top roping ropes is equipped with a GRIGRI to use as a belay device. Must be at least 14 years old.

You can do all the above at the gym as well but the process can be held up depending on how busy it is when you come in.

Where to Park

While there is parking throughout the Presidio, most of it is regulated. Check our Parking PDF for more info on where to park while you are here.

Lead Climbing

If you are interested in lead climbing while you are at Planet Granite, please call ahead to check to see if we have a lead tester available.  We’d hate to have you drive all the way down and not be able to lead if you plan on it!

Please bring your own rope and gear for testing and climbing. Must be 14 years or older to lead climb or lead belay in our gym.

Visit our gym’s homepage for additional information.