Verve Magicos and Lorelli Bra - photo from Verve Facebook page Verve Xeno Pant - photo from Verve Facebook page

Magico shorts, Lorelli bra (right) and Xeno pants (left).  Photos borrowed from Verve Facebook Page.

What do you wear for climbing, yoga or working out? Consider for a moment the impact that your clothing can have, on not just your body and your sport, but the environment too.  We’d like to take this moment to highlight a small company based in Colorado whose owner and designer, Christian Griffith, believes in just that: clothing should look good, feel good, and most importantly, last.

Verve Lorelli Rainbow

Lorelli Bras – rainbow of colors available at PG!  $32 and PG members get 10% off!

In spite of being just him and his 4 “grannies” (his seamstresses), Christian takes the time and pride to source quality materials, often testing and retesting new designs.  “We want more” scream his fans, but he makes them wait for the product to be just right.

Verve Belikos Rainbow

Rainbow of Belikos Pants – note the durable Arcteryx-made Camo fabric on left!  $79-$82

Verve Clothing is made by a climber for climbers and yogis alike.  They are made to stretch, move, fit well and look good.  Best of all, they are made of high quality organic cotton and MADE IN THE USA by 4 Grannies whose initials you can still find hand written under each tag.  All his products come in amazing beautiful colors!  And occasionally, Christian will get his hands on really cool fabrics, like the Arteryx-made Camo Belikos from earlier this spring that are rugged enough for the military, but comfy and cool enough for a climber.

Verve Lorelli Bra - photo from Verve Facebook page

Lorelli bra.  photo borrowed from Verve Facebook Page.

Are you looking for something you can feel good not only wearing, but purchasing?  Check out our retail area for our newest Verve styles – many of which have arrived in this season’s hottest colors: Lime, Coral and Iris.  Our most popular items include the Lorelli Bra – perfect for the climbing girl with big lats and the Belikos Pant for men. We also stock a few other styles including the sapho short and capri, the loleda pant and capri,  and the leda pant with more styles on the way.

Take a moment to try some on – we think you’ll like what you find, and like us, become a Verve fan for life.

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