TIP OF THE WEEK – Warming Up for Climbing

Properly warming up for climbing is incredibly important! It’s especially important before a competition (Like Portland’s Bloc Party this Saturday!) or a hard session. This week Portland Events Coordinator and Team Coach, Brandon, walks us through a warm up routine he does with team kids. Warming up can help you send a new grade, as well as prevent injury to keep you climbing. Here is a quick breakdown:

-10-15 Burpees to warm up the whole body

-10-15 Arm Circles of varying size. Think dinner plate size, tire size, and as large as possible.

To warm up your shoulders when doing arm circles backwards remember to activate your shoulders by pulling your shoulder blades together.

-Easy traversing or 5-7 easy boulder problems to warm up your fingers, elbows and shoulders.

– Remember to hydrate and rest between attempts!