We are excited to host another round of the Warrior’s Way with Jeff Lodas.

The Warrior’s Way is a program developed by Arno Ilgner to help people improve self-awareness so they can become more powerful when interacting with challenging situations.  This applies directly to climbing, but also to other parts of your life!

The Falling and Commitment Clinics focus on common climbing fears & stresses: fear of falling, fear of failure, and other stressful situations.  You will learn to harness your fears and move past them.

– In the 4 hour Falling & Commitment Clinic you’ll learn how to –

  • Fall safely
  • Give a dynamic (cushioned) belay
  • Improve focus
  • Create flow and momentum
  • Deal with climbing stress
  • Commit more deliberately
  • Distinguish between no- and yes-fall zones
  • Make appropriate risk decisions
  • Improve body and mind awareness
  • Rest effectively
  • Improve breathing
  • Reduce fear

$99 for each 4 hour clinic and $129 for each 6 hour clinic (PG Member rate)

Friday April 10th 6pm-1opm @PG Sunnyvale $99 members | $119 non-members
Saturday April 11th 10am-4pm @PG Sunnyvale $129 members | $149 non-members
Sunday April 12th 10am-4pm @PG San Francisco $129 members | $149 non-members
Monday April 13rh 6pm-10pm @PG San Francisco.$99 members | $119 non-members

To reserve your spot, please visit Jeff Lodas’ Website (reservations are not being managed at the PG gyms).