Planet Graniteers!  You rock!  Together with donors around the country, you raised more than $35,439 in donations for the American Safe Climbing Association’s mission of bolt replacement.

The first $20,000 of which was matched by Planet Granite, for a total of…


Thank you for making our sixth year of fundraising for the ASCA a terrific one.  If you’re interested in what your dollars went to, check out this video about re-bolting coastal routes with titanium gear:

And, previously, we talked to ASCA and SuperTopo founder Chris McNamara in one video and climbing veteran Jim Herson in another.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s given so far—below is a partial list of the extremely generous climbing folks who stepped up:

Brett Cooper, Mei Xi, Robin Liu, Ysbrand Nusse, Jon Canfield…Nirmal Vuppuluri, Michele Esposito, Brian Allen, Elizabeth Sias, Zach Smith, Sharon Marquedtson, Megan Sullivan, Pete Koomen, Jeff Rueppel, Mark Krotin, Janice Hirata, JD Morris, Ray Hixson, Geoffrey Lighthall, Lisa Bao, Anne Neill, Katherine Wiley, Nick and Megan Sorrentino, Zhi Zhang, Tyler Mazaika, Allyson Gunsallus, Santosh Chilkunda, Brennan Robinson, Mohammad Ashori, Michael Carter, Yoshifumi Suzuki, Mark Webster, Gary Carpenter, Randy Vogel, Thomas Carlson, Rita Look, Alexander Ruff, Dan Hedgecock, Craig Quincy, Jake Nead, Tad Borek, Pavel Kovar, Robin Young, Pavel Burov, Gary Chambers, Vlada Matena, Andrew Conner, Nick Fuller, Erik Su, Ed Henicle, Jason Ogasian, Chad Furey, Zoey Richter, Pranesh Pandurangan, Alexx Webb, Jeffrey Beyer, Allen White, Stuart Smith, Adam Lesinski, David Payne, Elizabeth Shank, Nathan Collins, Bryan Hains, Brian Salomaki, Todd and Donette Swain, Alec Ferguson, Adam Lee, Samuel Feuerborn, William Kramer, Nika Bogoslovsky, Zahra Nowroozi, Donald M. Williams, Dan Zimmerlin, Ben Long, Edward Hartouni, Adam O’Camb, Daniel Hottinger, Michael Hueschen, Robert Kelman, Cathy Kurtz, Florence Scholl, Kelby Reyes, Mark Dixon and Sue Smith, Paul de Cock, Lisa Chulich, Jeff Fuchs, Scott Evans, Lisa Schneider, Randy Baltazar, Steve Dew, Wes Dong, Bill Wheatley, Kousha Najafi, Wes Tite, Luke Loeffler, Adrian Lopez.

Also, a big thanks go to Planet Granite San Francisco and Planet Granite Belmont.  San Francisco put on a silent auction with terrific prizes, and at Belmont staff and climbers alike sacrificed a good night’s sleep in the 24-hour climbing benefit Battle For Bolts.  Kudos to the Belmont team, who organized the event and made the crushing endurance climbing magical for all involved.