Most climbers have a bit of a gear nerd streak – embarking on quests to find our holy grail of climbing shoes, chalk, rope, carabiners, clothes – basically, anything and everything we use when we climb. Our staff is no different; we might even have some of the largest gear lovers out there! We LOVE to share our knowledge, help out new climbers, and opine about what gear we think is best.

Gear is very personal and there are so many good brands and products on the market that choosing gear can be a long process. Our gym shops are stocked with brands and products that we have tested and that we believe in but even though we have a lot of brands, there is not a one size fits all solution. Test things out, talk to our staff about your needs, and check out our What’s In Your Bag videos where our staff shows you what they use when they climb.

Stephanie – What’s In My Sport Climbing Bag Inventory List:

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If products are not in stock or we do not carry them, talk to someone at the front desk – we can place a special order*!

Product Brand Key Features Price Member Price Stocked at PG?
Bags and Organization
Pipe Dream Bag Black Diamond
  • Opens to crash pad, seat and gear platform
  • Padded straps
  • Sealed bottom
  • Adjustable size
  • Gear Loops
  • Removeable lid for extra storage
$169.95 $152.96 Yes
Rope Master Bag Metolius
  • Large tarp for rope
  • Window for rope identification
$38.50 $34.65 Yes
Black Hole Cube Patagonia
  • Helps keep climbing gear organized
  • Abrasion and dirt resistant

10L: $49
6L: $39

10L: $44.10
6L: $35.10

10L/6L: Yes
2L: Special Order*

Belay Equipment
Selena Harness Petzl
  • Lightweight
  • Lower rise (nice for shorter people)
$64.95 $58.46 Yes
GriGri 2 Petzl
  • Auto-assist brake for projecting
$99.95 $89.96 Yes
Belay Gloves Metolius
  • Soft, warm, fit well
  • Easy to belay while wearing
$34.95 $31.46 Special Order* but PG has other versionsd
GridLock Screwgate Carabiner Black Diamond
  • Additional feature to help prevent cross loading
$19.95 $17.96 Yes
VERTICAL Belay Glasses Y&Y
  • Hinges and adjustable nose pieces
  • Nice case to hang on harness and protect glasses
$79.90 $71.91 Yes
Climbing Equipment
Boostic Shoes Scarpa
  • Stiffer rubber and forefront
  • Slight downturn
  • Rubber on toe for toe hooking
  • Narrow heel to help fit well when heel hooking
$179 $161.10 Yes
9.2mm Evolution Aero 80m Rope Sterling
  • Good length and good weight
  • Resistant sheath
$265.30 $238.77 Yes, Limited Stock
Spirit Express Quickdraws and Dogdraw Petzl
  • Good and various lengths
  • Key nose for better unclipping. Smooth action.  Good ergonomic shape.
  • New ones are some of the lighest on the market
  • Wider dogdraw enables easier to grab!

17cm: $22.95
12cm: $21.95

17cm: $20.66
12cm: $19.76

Panic Quickdraw
(Li’l Stiffy”)
  • Extends your reach by 8″ or so.
  • Has a carabiner that can be held “open” until in use. 

30cm: $35.95
45cm: $39.95

30cm: $32.36
45cm: $35.96

Chalk bag Various
  • Fit hand well inside it for quick/easy access
  • Brush holder
  • Small pockets
$15 – $25 $13.50 – $22.50 Yes
SuperClip SuperClip $23.95 $21.56 Yes
Prusik Hand Made
  • Made with 6mm or 4mm cord

6mm: $.36/ft
4mm: $.21/ft

6mm: $.32/ft
4mm: $.19/ft

Cord – Yes
Puffy Jacket Varies
  • Oversized to fit over climbing gear
  • Water resistant lining for wind proofing and warmth
  • Inside Pockets for hot water bottle, shoes, etc.
Varies Varies Special Order*
Chalk Brush So Ill
  • Fits in chalk bag
  • Easy to handle to brush chalk from holds
$7 $6.30 Yes
Forearm Trainer Black Diamond
  • Good for warming up fingers before climbing.
$6.95 $6.26 Yes
Waterbottle Kleen Kanteen
  • Durability

$19.95 or
$27.95 (insulated)

$17.96 or 
$25.16 (insulated)

Hand and Finger File Friction Labs
  • Replaceable sandpaper two grit options.
  • Easy to hold
$9.95 $8.96 Yes
Other Accessories Varies
  • Lunch! (not mentioned in video but very important to keep energized for your climbs!)
  • Jet Boil (not mentioned in video but used to heat water for hot water bottle)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Repellant
  • First aid
  • Headlamp
  • Lighter
  • Knife
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sharpie
  • Climbing tape
  • Nail Clipper

*Special orders may include additional shipping costs.