We’ll update this post as the storm affects our gyms!
Thanks for your patience and be careful out there!


Update: 12/12/14 10:40am
PG Sunnyvale is open
PG Belmont is open
PG SF is open, but our phones are down.

Update: 12/11/14 3:39pm
PG Sunnyvale is OPEN!  Power is back up just 30 minutes before were going to close.  
PG San Francisco is OPEN!  Yoga & Fitness classes have been cancelled, but the facility is open and available for members and guests! 
PG Belmont is open!

Update: 12/11/14 3:10pm
PG San Francisco is OPEN!  Our power is back on!!  Classes have been cancelled, but our facility is available and open for members and guests!  Woo!
PG Sunnyvale: will be CLOSING at 4pm today due to the power outage.
PG Belmont: still open!

Update: 12/11/14 1:21pm
PG Sunnyvale’s power just went out. The gym is still currently open, but without power.  Please be careful and check in on this page before making your way to that gym!
PG Belmont – Open

Update: 12/11/14 9:33am
PG San Francisco is closing for the day.  If our power comes back on, we will see if we can re-open, so please just check back before making your way down to visit!
PG Sunnyvale: Open
PG Belmont: Open

Update: 12/11/14 8:51am
PG Belmont: OPEN
PG Sunnyvale: OPEN
PG San Francisco: Power Outage.  Will keep you posted.  Please do not make plans to visit until we can confirm we are back up and running!