Workout of the Week: The Dirty Dozen with Nick

For this week’s Workout of the Week Front Desk Instructor and Climbing Team Coach Nick shows us how to workout the Dirty Dozen. The Dirty Dozen is a pyramid style workout, where your repetitions increase each set. Each set consists of a pull up, a toes-to-bar, and a push up. For the first set complete one of each. For the second set complete two of each. For the third set, three of each. So on and so forth maxing out at 12. If this is too easy for you, count up to twleve then all the way back down! If this is too hard utilize incline pushups, knees to bar, and band assisting your pull ups. Get it!


TIME: 45DIFFICULTY: All Abilities EQUIPMENT: Pull-Up Bar FOCUS: Core anbd Back


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IMPORTANT: Climbing and climbing training, such as the exercises in the WOW, are inherently dangerous activities.  Participation in these exercises is done at your own risk.  If you have any injuries, we recommend you do not attempt a WOW.  If you have any concerns about your abilities or the exercises, consult a qualified medical practitioner or athletic trainer. Before using the fitness area, equipment, classes or any other training at Planet Granite, it is your responsibility to read and understand the posted gym rules and Safety Guidelines found here: