Meet Jaqui! She is one of the Yoga Instructors at Planet Granite San Francisco and recently took on a new Sunday class!  

Jaqui_-_blog_pic.jpgWho are you? What do you teach at Planet Granite?

My name is Jacqui Rowley and I teach an action based, alignment focused, slow burn yoga class [Vinyasa].

What benefits can Vinyasa lead to if done routinely?

You’ll learn the correct action and alignment to keep your body safe and to advance your practice.

What experience should a yogi have before coming to your class for the first time?

No experience needed! Just show up with a sense of humor and realistic expectations.

Do you have a favorite pose or stretch?

I don’t have a favorite pose? They are all interesting in their own way and some days certain shapes feel better than others.


Interested in learning more? Check out Jacqui’s Vinyasa class every Tuesday/Thursday @ 4:30pm and Sundays @ 9:30am!